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We provide the highest quality beauty services to our customers in the lavish environment. We do carry the high quality of beauty products suggested by the leading professionals

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Makeup Niranjana

20 years of Experience
1715 + Bridal Makeups
115 + Workshops
163 + Seminars
5350 +Trained Students
Makeupniranjana.in has started before 13 years for the purpose of governing the bridal makeup. And now we are one of the leading top bridal makeup artists in Chennai.
We were honoured as the best by our valuable customers in terms of providing the best high-quality services. We have been unique from others in the aspects of professionalism, hygiene, setting up trends, adaptive to new techniques and using high-quality beauty products. Our salon is the place where you can satisfy yourself by the way you look. Our well-trained professionals understand the client’s needs and provide the best results to them with the new style and look.
When you visiting our Salon you will be come out with the fulfilment of your expectations and that will keep you to come back. When it comes to bridal makeup or haircut or another sort of beauty treatment our trained professionals show all their innovative thinking to make creative hairstyle.

We make Bridal Makeup better by delivering reliable makeup solutions

  • 1
    Applying the Primer

    Primer stays for a long duration and looks gorgeous on it. Primer is utmost necessary if you have a combination skin tone.

  • 2
    Caring Under Eyes

    Applying concealer to hide every flaw around your eyes and make it look radiant and vibrant. It gives you a full-day coverage against heat and humidity

  • 3
    Base Foundation

    Anti-ageing foundation with generous sun-protection (above SPF 20) looks betterduring the day time. Blending the foundation offers a rich natural creamy effect.

  • 4
    Highlighting the Eyes

    We can add drama to your looks by highlighting the eyes & by applying waterproof and smudge-proof eyeliner for a smoky appearance.

  • 5
    Creating Lashes

    We take attention to eye brows to complement the dramatic smoky eyes. We can also try by volume-adding, waterproof mascara for the same effect.

  • 6
    Final touches

    Applying a natural lip gloss over the lip paint would add the much-needed shine for the glamorous reception evening. Using highlighter at the corner of eyes, cheekbones, and brow bones will add a diva-like effect

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We provide the highest quality beauty services to our customers in the lavish environment
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